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Finally, after almost 2000 visitors and around 3 years, I have updated this website.
Star Wars:Episode 1 has been around for a long time and Episode 2 is being released soon. Spaceballs, one of the greatest movies of all time, has been around for a long time as well.
The Chapter 1 Project is our attempt to create another Spaceballs movie and you can join in and help as well!

A little Chapter 1 past -
Main Page from around 1999:
The following message is from the head of the project, NiK. The message is out-of-date, but it may help to better understand what's going on.

All anybody has been talking about this year is Star Wars:Episode 1, which has almost come and gone!
Anyway dont some of you think it would be great to have another spaceballs flick? We do!
Over the last few months we have been posting on many boards all over the net, getting loads of people, ideas, and theory's about it. It was put on a storm load of posts on almost every board we posted it on, so thats good. Well, we think so anyway.
The chance's of this ever getting made are almost non-exsistant, which we understand.
But now we have started discusing it, and its starting to become an obbsesion with a few of us saddo's who want a new story;a new spoof.
So we have come up with this:


We are calling on the people of the world to unite and spread ideas, etc. on the story, art work, or anything people can come up with to make are project. Hopefully, if we get enough people envolved, we will be able to get a good story and maybe even write a script.
So as you can see we are deadset on this silly crusade.
And we do need your help, as we said before any help is welcome because this won't work if we dont have anyone helping us.
We should have are own board up in a few days time, for people to post all their ideas and info on, but until then, just email them to us.

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